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Meet Emily Dotson

TBN Emily Dotson Interview Part 1

In this interview with TBN, Emily shares her story about how circumstances of sickness, poverty, sorrow, and defeat are overcome by changing our thinking and by speaking God's Word over conditions. Jesus said, "I have come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly" (John 10:10b). Learn how Jesus can change YOUR life as He has done for millions across the world.

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Faith Articles

With over 30 years in the ministry, Emily has learned just how important having a personal relationship with Jesus really is. In her many travels, Emily has seen miraculous healings and transformations of lives through the power of our Lord and Savior. Emily would like to share with you, her experiences through a collection of Faith Articles. We encourage you to explore the collection and learn how you can experience the healing power of Jesus.

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Emily's Story

Emily lives in King, North Carolina. In her spare time she tends her garden and flowers. She took Jesus as Savior before age nine. She was a sickly child and before age 46, she had 11 surgeries for various conditions. At her first back injury in 1979, she had liver failure and was diagnosed with advanced lupus, with a short time to live.

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Emily spoke truth over her diagnosis for 12 months and was totally healed. In April 2011, at age 82, she is still healed. As, January 1983 to January 1984, she spoke God's word and her healing manifested. In 1986, she toured Israel and received a Holy Spirit baptism and was baptized in the Jordan River.

Emily returned to Israel in 1991, and in 1996, and also again returned February 2000. She said each time she stepped off the plane she felt that it was truly Holy ground, and it felt very sacred inside the empty tomb of Jesus. Dr. Norvel Hayes ordained Emily March, 1993. Her Healing & Restoration Ministries, Inc., functions as nonprofit.

Emily operates as Missionary Evangelist-teacher from her office Headquarters in King, North Carolina She teaches in USA & abroad, teaching the terminally diagnosed to apply God's Word to problems can halt their satanic attacks.

Emily says no problem is too big for God to solve if we trust Him and apply His Word to the problem. Her book "From Defeat to Victory" tells her life story, how she overcame her enemy attacks and how she gained victory over her problems.

At first you will cry; then you rejoice in her victory, as step, by step, she enforced God's word to gain victory. Her book has 230-pages. It's filled with Scriptures and references. You will cherish the book and read it many times. Many say that people will borrow it and keep it, without returning it. So, now they buy two books, and they have one to loan.